Choose Technology That Will Work for You

Today’s market is flooded with technology options and devices all promising to offer the best specifications and a great price. Understanding what you’re actually getting when you purchase technology products requires some insight into the various elements included in the devices as well as an understanding of warranties.

Purchasing computers from us includes computer burn in and updates before delivery. Check competitor pricing who will normally add hundreds of dollars for the same service. So your computer is ready to run instantly and you are not waiting for updates or installing software.

We want you to get the best return on investment for your technology purchases and offer computers with today’s most up to date technology specifications at great price points.

Buy from a Seller You Trust

We offer inclusive services when you purchase with Tutors & Computers, Inc.:

  • Free local delivery (15 mile radius)
  • Set-up (.75 hr)
  • ½ hour of free training
  • Many models and options to choose from.

Call now for more detail or quote!  (203) 393-3006

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Having issues with your PC or point of sale system is bad enough. Having to crawl under your desk to unplug it, lug it out to your car, then take time out of your busy day to drive to a computer repair store simply increases the frustration. At Tutors & Computers, Inc., we offer on-site service throughout Connecticut. Call our office today and we’ll get a technician to your home or business in no time flat. 

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